Roller Shutter Doors

Our offering of roller shutter doors provide you with the safety and security you need. We have doors suitable for any type of industry to provide a secure practical and long lasting solution.

Our roller shutter doors are made from strong galvanised steel and provide an optimal level of safety and security. We provide a bespoke size and tailored solution to meet any requirement. Our doors are able to withstand rough and high-frequency use and adverse weather conditions. Fire resisting shutters are typically made with either 2 or 4 hour fire resistance, and a variety of operating methods including fusible link and solenoid operation.


Choose from single skin, twin skin galvanised steel laths, in-filled with polystyrene; single or three phase electrically operated, manual, manual with chain, Fail-safe Safety as standard (except manual push up which is spring counterbalanced) for added personnel safety.

Key Features

  • Galvanised steel curtain
  • Optional pass doors
  • Optimal safety and security
  • Manual or electrical operation
  • Insulated options
  • Optional weather seals to minimise water leaks and draughts
  • Special bottom rails available to suit pavements or sloping floors
  • Hoods to cover barrels available in a variety of patterns, materials and finishes
  • Conforms to CE regulations
  • Certified fire rated doors available
  • Variety Of Control options

  • Remote control
  • Automatic timed return
  • Warning lamps
  • Pneumatic safety edge
  • Infra-red safety beam
  • Traffic detection induction loop
  • Radar
  • Insulated Doors

    Insulated doors have thicker skins for temperature controlled rooms and can help to reduce noise pollution and maintain a consistent temperature. This choice is perfect for food preparation and agricultural use. Insulated doors also ensure a saving on heating bills and prevent staff from getting cold in the winter.

    We offer a steel or aluminium insulated roller door for use as a multi purpose door system in any building requiring good levels of insulation as well as security. The doors can be manually operated up to a certain size with operation by either a spring assisted simple push up and pull down or a chain operated and geared system if the door is too high or over a certain maximum size.

    The majority of insulated roller doors are electrically operated and these days with the advances in technology most of the time single phase electric motors are perfectly suitable even for relatively high useage. The use of inverters has meant the roller door also will have a much longer life span and need less servicing as less stress is put on the door components with a soft start and soft stop feature