Steel Security Doors

Our steel security doors come fitted with a fixing sub frame of either steel or aluminium and are provided with single or double skin construction. This provides extra insulation and security where required. Our steel doorsets are suitable for almost any purpose and are accredited with the relevant certification of LPS1175, PAS24 or LPCB.

A steel doorset is an investment in peace of mind and any compromise in specification and quality can only mean a compromise in the reason for buying the door in the first place. There are many very low priced, cheap steel doorsets available in the UK which offer little in the way of protection or insulation and are far too often not even meeting a minimum standard to enable CE marking.

A steel door is predominately used in commercial and industrial premises, the steel doorset provides increased security protection, fire proofing, insulation and convenience. Steel door sets come in a wide range of styles and designs, with hugely varying options depending on the individual use and application. A steel door is nearly always a better option than a timber door in most commercial applications and now even in domestic too.