Sectional Overhead Doors

A sectional overhead door is constructed using multiple panel sections built to withstand heavy usage using double skinned steel foam filled panels, with options for aluminium framed and glazed panels for varying degrees of high quality vision.

The vertical opening of these doors creates more space in front of and behind the door allowing you to park vehicles closer and utilise more room inside the building. The sectional panels and track mean the door does not swing outwards and as they open vertically they are the perfect solution when vehicles are required to park closely to the door. Once opened a sectional door neatly dols up and lays flat beneath the ceiling.

For angled roofs, special tracks can be ordered so that the door panels open in line with the roof and their are options to have a sectional door alligning straight up the wall vertically if you have the headroom.

All doors are manufactured to your specific requirements, providing reliable service and exceptional ease of use combined with an outstanding level of access control capable of withstanding high usage volumes to cope with all levels of industrial workloads. A Sectional overhead doors offer the highest level of insulation levels for any buildings requiring it.

Insulated Doors

Insulated doors have thicker skins for temperature controlled rooms and can help to reduce noise pollution and maintain a consistent temperature. This choice is perfect for food preparation and agricultural use. Insulated doors also ensure a saving on heating bills and prevent staff from getting cold in the winter.

We offer a steel or aluminium insulated roller door for use as a multi purpose door system in any building requiring good levels of insulation as well as security. The doors can be manually operated up to a certain size with operation by either a spring assisted simple push up and pull down or a chain operated and geared system if the door is too high or over a certain maximum size.

The majority of insulated roller doors are electrically operated and these days with the advances in technology most of the time single phase electric motors are perfectly suitable even for relatively high useage. The use of inverters has meant the roller door also will have a much longer life span and need less servicing as less stress is put on the door components with a soft start and soft stop feature